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"Srcem do Mira" "Through Heart to Peace"
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Womens Association B&H Women was organized in December of 1992 in Zagreb (Croatia) by women refugees from Bosnia & Herzegovina. In October of 1996 the work of this association continues in Bosnia & Herzegovina in the temporary head-office in Sanski Most. The name of the association changes into Initiation of Women from B&H Through Heart to Peace. Weve changed the name because there was a political party in B&H named B&H Women.

                Since May of 2001 the association transfers their head-office into Kozarac (municipality Prijedor) and continues working in both towns Kozarac and Sanski Most. Now this association has a number of about 350 women from Bosnia & Herzegovina. Other women that come from countries like: England, France, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. come for our traditional peace conference Through Heart to Peace that we have every year in late May.

                Our active workers come from different nationalities and professions. Some of them have survived concentration camps and different ways of torturing.

                Over a long period of time this association has helped organizing 8 new NGOs in Sarajevo, Mostar, Travnik, Bosanska Krupa, Sanski Most and Prijedor. Our hope is that women that did some specific work before the aggression onto B&H shall continue working actively helping themselves and other people through our association.

                We use the experience, that weve gained during many years of working on the NGO projects, to achieve better results for the users of our projects.

                Through our activities we support the process of return into Bosnia & Herzegovina. Most importantly we help building bridges of peace, friendship and trust between people.

                As women we understand that it is our most important duty to return the trust and dignity to Bosnian women. Through this we want to strengthen the position and the role of women in the community.

                Our goals are to bring back the lives of our women and children, to help building a democratic society so that Bosnia & Herzegovina can stand together with other advanced EUROPEAN countries.

                Through many years we have implemented a tens of different projects from which about 42.000 people had their use from.


The work of our projects was helped by many international organizations, like:


Austrian CARITAS-Vienna, United Nations Office-Vienna, Jugend and Family Minister Bure-Vienna, Evangelistic and Catholic Church Koln-Riehl, CDFChristlicher Friediest Bern, Womens Organization from Ereza, Travinjani and Roma-Italy, Islamic Relief-Zagreb, IGASA-Zagreb, Merann-Gmeiner Schule Koln, Muslim Womens League-Los Angeles, Help Age-London, High Norwegian Peoples Aid-Oslo, Mir Sada-Lyon, RCT IRCT, USAID, UMCOR, BWI, IBHI and Finish Government


Our Staff

All of the workers and members of this association are volunteers coming from different national and religion groups almost from all around the world.



Emsuda Mujagic is the president of the association. She loves the outdoors and likes to vacation in Mrakovica National Park and lives in Kozarac (Bosnia)

Our Programs


The Project was prepared to help women in B&H through the WORK THERAPY. Women participate in training to sow, make different kinds of clothing and repair old furniture. Through this they gain means for themselves and their families. For many women who are not employed this knowledge means securing their families. This project lets them to express their creativity that they can use for their needs.



English language and computers sessions,

Public activities are organized for different ages and affinities through different session. The Youth is able to learn and find out what more they are good in.



We give advice in protecting the property and other basic human rights, helping especially women and children.



The project is focused onto psycho-social support for women and children who have survived different kinds of torturing. The goal of this project is to help the integration of people in a new society to them, so that their lives can be  focused in a positive direction.

Our Location

Srcem do Mira
Ul. Marsala Tita b.b.
79202 Kozarac
Bosnia & Herzegovina